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TruBliss® - Lofty Pillow
TruBliss® - Positioning Pillow
TruBliss - Specialty Pillows


Type Style Backing color Back length Barrier Binding Bottom Depth Bottom Width Color/pattern Cover Color Depth Description Design Dimensions Fabric content Full sweep Height Length # of Compartments Size Sleeve Sleeve Inseam Soaker Stitching Stitching at Top Surface Thickness Thread Thread Count Ties Top Depth Topper Warranty Weight Width
Standard E51170 Beige 19" x 25" 20 oz
Standard E51173 Beige 21" x 27" 23 oz
Standard E51175 White 18" x 24" 20 oz
Silkscreened E51175SP White 18" x 24" 20 oz
Positioning Pillow E51180SP White 12" x 18" 9.9 oz
Body Pillow E51190 White 20" x 48" 56.4 oz
Lofty Pillow E51185 White 19" x 24" 26.5 oz

Features & Benefits

  • Unique, Soft Resilient Core (SRC) system
  • Stain resistant and antimicrobial-treated
  • Fluid proof cover
  • Easy to wipe clean and disinfect
  • Lofty pillow option for residents requiring firm support

* Please note: Styles #E51170 and E51173 feature fluid resistant covers


  1. Body Pillow
  2. Economical Positioning Pillow

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